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Divbrands is a global, remote working e-commerce company. We focus on data-driven decision-making to launch unique D2C apparel brands to specific audiences across the globe. Because of our intense research and targeting process, we only launch when we know a brand will succeed. With employees from 15 different countries, we embody a company culture that is vibrant, diverse, playful, and performance-driven. We research, develop, and build our brands on "impulse" marketing platforms. We specialize in creative production, with regional creative hubs that make agile, data-backed creatives that convert sales.


As part of the marketing team, you’ll be responsible for developing video treatments, directing and filming content and editing material.


Establish a clear understanding of the narrative and purpose of each video, including key features to highlight and channel performance considerations.
Collaborate with the Art Director and Copywriter to conceptualise and develop video treatments including script, composition, lighting, cast, sound and editing considerations.
Outline technical requirements to deliver on treatments and work with the production coordinator to source where required.
Edits and assembles final visual/audio material; ensuring consistency and relevance to brief and monitoring technical quality of the end product.
Work with the production coordinator to ensure timely delivery of all video requirements.


Academic competencies –English
Workplace competencies: Team player, Strong Planning & Organization skills, Adaptability & Flexibility.
Industry-specific competencies
Industry wide: Fashion & Footwear
E-commerce: Creative & Marketing (advantageous)
Personal Effectiveness - collaborative, accountable, decisive,


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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 18 Nov 2020

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