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At Hop Labs, our mission is simple: we build technology that meaningfully impacts people’s lives.

We work on a variety of projects in a range of industries, from fighting cancer through deep learning, to training a computer to help you find the best-fitting pair of pants. We've helped large, established companies nurture innovative ideas, and we’ve collaborated with cutting-edge startups to be the large, established companies of tomorrow.


Currently, we’re looking to hire a full-time Software Development Engineer (ML). Titles can be arbitrary, so you should consider yourself a good fit for this if:

You enjoy solving hard technical problems at scale.
You’re comfortable proposing end-to-end technical architectures that balance modularity, scalability, operations, security, and cost.
You’re fluent in the AWS stack. This does not mean you understand every AWS service or that you have an AWS certification, but it does mean that you could independently design and build a distributed API within AWS that reflects modern best practices.
You understand that clarity and simplicity -- in code and in communication -- are worth striving for.
You have at least a passing familiarity with machine learning, and an interest in developing your skills there.

As a distributed team, some key qualities are particularly important for all of us at Hop Labs:

A strong sense of ownership and initiative
Clear and consistent communication
A collaborative mindset
Clear thinking and attention to detail for complex projects

For this role specifically:

Open to all backgrounds, though machine-learning background preferred
Intermediate to senior level preferred
Location preference: in or near Atlanta, but remote is possible
U.S. work authorization necessary

And if you’re not sure you’re a good fit -- apply anyway! You will not be wasting our time, we will not think poorly of you -- some of our best folks have come from surprising backgrounds. We have made an effort to introduce a hiring process that is low-pressure and skills-focused, and compatible with the other commitments in your life.

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