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At Qualio, our mission is to help teams building life-saving products get to market in less time, with less cost and less risk. We're bringing fresh thinking to a slow-moving industry that's ripe for change, and it's working - Qualio is the #1 fastest growing platform for emerging life sciences companies and is used in over 75 countries.

Qualio is the first quality platform that helps life sciences companies become quality-driven and accelerate growth. At its foundation is a modern QMS that enables companies to move from disconnected sources, tools and data to streamlined workflows and powerful insights using software that is simple and fun to use.

What is the opportunity?

We are hiring a Senior Software Developer in the European Union (EU) to join our distributed product development team. This is a remote-working opportunity. We're looking for someone who is continuously learning and improving their software skills and who will grow with the company.

What will I be doing?

Working remotely, you will join our development team to deliver new features and improve existing ones. You will be an active influencer in technical discussions and contribute to the evolution of our internal systems and processes. Ideally, you will be comfortable working on client facing interfaces as well as deep down in the engine room.

In your first 3 months you will be:

Up to speed on core technologies and the Qualio software development life-cycle.
Working independently, developing new product features as a key part of our product team.
Contributing as an active voice to discussions around new technologies and tools for application development.
Supporting other team members with their assigned work, and assisting with code reviews.


Who are you?

You live and work in an EU country.
You have strong written and verbal communication skills (in English).
You have over 5 years of professional software development experience.
You are passionate about problem solving and excited to solve problems.
You are an architect, a designer, a project leader, not just a programmer.
You are passionate about customers and deliver software which delights them.
You believe in code reviews and automated testing as a core part of writing great software.
You deploy and own your code in production. You monitor it and make it incrementally better for the benefit of your customers.

Required Skills

At least 3 years expertise in creating web applications using object-oriented Python.
Proficiency in at least one Python framework.
Proficiency in relational databases (PostgreSQL is preferred).
Proficiency in modern JavaScript (ES 2016).
Experience with Celery, REST APIs, e2e and unit testing and Hands-on Git experience.

Preferred Skills

Experience with AWS, CI/CD, web security and DevOps - Unix based OS (Debian/Ubuntu): cron, automation via bash scripting, monit, etc.
Experience with using Docker in a production environment.
Professional experience with Pyramid and Flask web frameworks.
Proficiency in: AngularJS, React/Redux.
Experience with SqlAlchemy, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis.
Knowledge of or willingness to learn concepts of GraphQL APIs.

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Status: Expired Job type: Full Time Years of experience: 3 Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 26 May 2020

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