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Figma is growing our team of passionate people on a mission to make design accessible to all. Born on the Web, Figma helps entire product teams brainstorm, create, test, and ship better designs, together. From great products to long-lasting companies, we believe that nothing great is made alone.


The editor is the core of Figma, and an important tool that is used by many people every day. We are looking for a designer that can help us design its next many iterations on many platforms – be it in a browser, a native app, or the less-charted territory of native Figma on mobile. Your role would be part of the creation team, and you would collaborate closely with many teams building upon the foundations of the editor. You would also work very closely with the engineering and product teams.
This is a full time role that can be held from one of our U.S. hubs, or remotely in the continental United States.

What you’ll do at Figma

Work on complex, new tentpole features and invisible/crucial improvements to the editor as a lead designer (and, once in a while, developer)
Coordinate with designers/PMs on other teams to create a more cohesive vision for the editor (interactions, mental models)
Co-pilot with other designers on their projects as feedback-giver, collaborator, or mentor
Contribute to the roadmap
Advance, reflect on, and communicate the editor’s quality and consistency
Collaborate with other teams to listen to their editor needs and provide ideas/solutions

Some projects you could work on

Growing the editor to include new devices and interactions
Complex, new tentpole features similar to Auto Layout and Selection Colors that accelerate the work of millions
“Invisible” but crucial improvements to core editor functionality, such as: better copy and paste, improving typography and accessibility, support for variable fonts, line height changes, progressive loading, better saving, new color and file formats, selection and parenting mechanics
Improving and coming up with new editor interaction and system mechanics: selection, parenting, layer pane, property pane, touch interactions
Developing new interactions on multi touch and multi input devices

We’d love to hear from you if you have

Strong interaction design skills (either on desktop or mobile platforms), including prototyping in code
An aptitude for systems thinking and information architecture
The communication skills necessary to translate between the user needs and the technical realities of building Figma’s editor
Knowledge of the building blocks of a design tool, and their technical underpinnings (things like latency/responsiveness, mouse and touch driven interactions, color, typography, vector and bitmap graphics)
An understanding of the web platform and general awareness and knowledge of the creative tools space(including design tools)
5+ years industry experience as a product designer
Interest and excitement about problem solving and complex systems
Eagerness to learn, a track record for being self-driven, and experience managing multiple projects at the same time

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 24 Nov 2021

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