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The Verge is seeking a Senior News Editor to operate our industry-leading technology news team. As the Senior News Editor, you and your team will constantly be on the hunt for breaking news, bringing our audience essential information with The Verge’s distinctive voice and point of view. You will be responsible for leading the pace of the newsroom, which drives The Verge’s entire operation.

We’re looking specifically for a candidate with expert knowledge on the core consumer technology products and services that we cover on a daily basis.

You will engage our news process from start-to-finish, including vetting stories, assigning work, editing, and publishing. You will also help train and develop The Verge’s next generation of writers by teaching them how to write with our trademark style, tone, and ruthless eye for detail. Most of all, you will model veteran news writing to our staff by writing stories yourself on a daily basis with strong angles, clean copy, and strong factual accuracy.

Our ideal candidate has a deep and sophisticated knowledge of consumer technology, excellent editing skills, and writing expertise. You will work with our news team and other senior editors on our tech team to set The Verge’s daily coverage plan.

What you’ll do:

Lead The Verge’s newsroom — dedicated to identifying, vetting, prioritizing, assigning, editing and publishing the most essential tech news each day
Program the front page of The Verge to dazzle and delight
Attack the news with sharp angles and punchy headlines
Run a tight ship, maintaining our high bar for quality
Coordinate with other news editors to ensure authoritative coverage 24/7
Help manage a small team of dedicated news writers and editors
Lead by example, writing and blogging some each day
Be a senior voice at The Verge guiding our coverage into the future

The ideal candidate will have:

5+ years of experience running tech news at a fast-paced website
Deep knowledge of and passion for consumer technology
A finely tuned news sense across other Verge coverage areas as well, such as online platforms, games, and entertainment
The ability to transform complex ideas into interesting and understandable stories, with an eye toward the audience’s interests and needs
Speedy blogging ability
Experience with embargoes, tradeshows, and live events
A love for breaking news
Relentless desire to beat the competition

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