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Kinsta was founded in 2013 with a desire to change the status quo. We set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world, and that’s our promise. We don’t settle and are here to stay.


We strongly believe in ownership. This means that as a developer at Kinsta you have a direct and immediate impact, but it also means that you have more responsibility. Developers are expected to communicate and collaborate with other departments, organize projects, delegate up, down and sideways, and make decisions in order to make development more effective at all levels.

Responsibilities and Challenges

You will be tasked with contributing to and eventually leading a diverse set of projects that have an immediate impact on our customers’ experience, on our internal teams’ day-to-day and thus our business as a whole.
We rely heavily on communication between all team members, regardless of team or department lines. As a Kinsta developer you will be communicating with the Design, QA, Marketing and Support teams to provide and solicit feedback.
We strive to implement a bottom up approach, hand in hand with an ownership mentality. Our goal is to give each developer as much freedom as possible with the capacity, knowledge and willingness to make decisions that matter.
We implement a robust review process to ship quality code. All developers are expected to participate in code reviews to ensure accountability and stability, share knowledge, and learn from peers.


Minimum of 5 years of working experience with JavaScript, including backend and frontend.
Experience with backend-focused JS (eg: Node, Express).
Experience with modern JS frontend frameworks (eg: React, Vue, Angular).
Experience with modern JS tools (Babel, current ECMAScript standards).
Experience with statically typed languages or typing tools for JS (Typescript, Flow, Elm).
Experience with databases (SQL, or NoSQL).
Experience with git and team collaboration with git.
Experience with JS testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha).
Experience with frontend building tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt).

Bonus Skills

Experience with web hosting, server infrastructure or server management.
In-depth experience with the Stripe API.


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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 26 May 2021

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