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Learning A-Z provides engaging, affordable, and easy-to-use solutions for differentiated K-6 literacy learning. With a library of meticulously differentiated eLearning tools that can be used anywhere learning takes place, we give educators the tools they need to easily personalize instruction for each student, and help each teacher make an impact – their way.


We’re currently looking for a variety of talented individuals to join our dedicated team.

This position is responsible for providing developmental editing and project management in order to help plan, create, and publish teacher- and student-facing products.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Review and edit products created by contractors or outside vendors to ensure that they meet the company’s quality standards and best practices in education
Manage projects with minimal support, including contributing to launch processes, tracking tasks, providing schedule estimates, assigning work to and training contractors or vendors, requesting contracts, processing invoices, managing the production process, and identifying roadblocks that may require modifications to the process
Draft and edit outlines and manuscripts, select illustrations, photographs, or animations for resources, and review proofs created by Production & Design
Contribute topic ideas for products and suggest ideas for new products and features
Collaborate with others to help plan the vision and scope of products
Collaborate with others to take the creative lead in writing specifications, requirement documents, and outlines for products and communicating with those in charge of implementing those specifications and requirements
Coordinate with supervising editors, contract editors, copy editors, writers, graphic designers, photo researchers, and consultants to ensure on-time delivery of resources
Conduct research and fact checking on content for products, including consulting experts on the subject
Enter content information into relevant databases, and maintain and update content in such databases
Ensure that an efficient file management system is followed
Recruit and evaluate potential contractors, vendors, and consultants as requested
May be requested to assist with interviewing and hiring staff and contractors
May be requested to assist with training staff and contractors
Perform QA of resources prior to upload to ensure that both content and functionality are as required
Attend status and planning meetings and regularly schedule and lead meetings
Routinely write original content for resources or web copy with minimal support
Coordinate with Product Managers, UX Developers, and others to obtain data from instructional user testing and market research in order to implement product features or revisions
Collaborate with Product Managers to make needed or desirable revisions to existing products based on customer needs and market analysis
Use deep knowledge and understanding of relevant resources and website functionality across different product lines, as well as research foundations, to inform product development
Remain informed (through others’ and own research) about trends and innovations in the industry

Education and Experience:

A degree in education, learning sciences, writing, foreign languages, or discipline related to the relevant content area from a four-year college or university is required. Experience developing educational materials for elementary school audiences is highly desirable. Teaching experience is a plus.

Additional Skills:

Excellent communication skills: communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally both verbally and in writing with members of various development teams
Excellent critical thinking skills, including identifying implicit assumptions, evaluating arguments and data, and drawing sound conclusions
Strong attention to detail
Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with a variety of personnel
Ability to meet deadlines

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