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Algolia prides itself on being a pioneer and market leader offering an AI-powered, API-First Search & Discovery platform that empowers 17,000+ businesses to compose customer experiences at internet scale that predict what their users want with blazing fast search and web browse experience. Algolia powers more than 30 billion search requests a week four times more than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo combined.


This role is responsible for functional area leadership and overseeing the day-to-day work activities of a department, division, or managing a product. Leads and manages employees within a department or division. They have significant impact on the achievement of the Company’s goals and objectives. They interact with senior leadership, management-level employees and/our major clients. Interactions regularly involve skills such as negotiating, consulting, influencing, or advising. Typically reports to a Senior Vice President or Vice President.

We are open to candidates with a range of experiences and backgrounds. Please apply if you’re excited about the role and are confident you could excel, even if you don’t check every box.

What You’ll Do

Help the teams prioritize, plan, develop, and ship code that moves business-critical data between systems, and represents the entities and metrics that Algolia cares about.
Coach and mentor both managers and individual contributors so that they excel at their work and grow in their skills and careers.
Hire and onboard Data Engineers, Analytics Engineers, and managers, to build a diverse, inclusive and high-functioning team.
Be a culture advocate within the company, living by our core values.
Help the teams grow their processes, cultures, and technical capabilities.
Provide training, leadership and mentoring to data professionals across the company, to support data literacy and good data practices.
Help provide context to the teams, so that they have a consistent view of the business and business priorities.
Provide technical input, as needed, to ensure that the teams build sustainable, maintainable, well-designed systems that anticipate future needs.
Ensure that the teams prioritize work to ensure data reliability, quality, and governance.
Represent the data teams to executive leadership, providing visibility on data quality, and facilitating conversations across the company.

What You’ll Bring

Deep interest in people and mentoring. Capable of supervising employees ranging from junior roles to management. Likely 7 years or more of experience in management.
A management style based on empowerment, trust, and collaboration.
Substantial hands-on experience in Data Analytics, Analytics Engineering, or Data Engineering roles. Likely 10 years or more of experience in these and related areas.
A passion for data quality and systems and data design. A curiosity about the best ways for teams and systems to succeed and grow.
Fluency in translating between business questions and technical requirements. Experience with product management, including stakeholder management, synthesis of varying points of view into clear documents, and ROI estimation.
Proven track record of rolling out and establishing scalable data and analytics platforms (we use tools such as Redshift, dbt, ThoughtSpot, and more) with terabyte scale data.
Expertise with software development including web development, databases, programming best practices, and agile methodologies.
Comfortable guiding technical team discussions regarding software architecture and data warehouse design.
Ability to provide supportive review and feedback to team members’ proposals, technical designs, and code reviews in SQL and Python.
Strong awareness of the modern data stack and the current state of the data industry.


10 years of data-related work experience, 5+ years of management, and expert-level technical knowledge of data warehousing and data analysis in the modern data stack, including dbt and BI tools.

Requires the ability to understand complex software systems, read code (Python, SQL, and other languages), and interface with technical engineering teams.
Requires the ability to write SQL at an expert level, acting as a proxy for our analyst stakeholders, and providing feedback to the teams on technical requirements.
Requires the ability to become an expert in our user-facing tools (Hex, ThoughtSpot, Atlan), and to train others.
Responsibilities include eliciting stakeholder requirements with a strong understanding of underlying technology and design, and ensuring that both teams have strong, aligned roadmaps, and are building towards the long-term goals of Algolia.

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 19 Nov 2023

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