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sofatutor is the most prominent online learning platform on the German-speaking market with a team of 250 employees, over 1,5 million users, and over 11.000 videos. As we keep growing, our next steps involve internationalizing our content into the English-speaking market.

To clearly grasp what children need to learn during school years in the US & UK, we are looking for a Content Editor ELA (gn) non-video content who is motivated to create additional assets for our interactive exercises.

As a Content Editor ELA (gn) non-video content at sofatutor, you will work on producing additional assets for our interactive exercises in English for middle school (Key Stage 3). You are responsible for the formal content as well as the didactical approach of the interactive exercises and you will work together with a team of creatives to make learning fun and engaging. You will:
be part of designing the curriculum and the sample tasks topics related to the middle school classes (Key Stage 3) in ELA/English

crafting, reviewing, and editing interactive exercises and learning texts, adjusting existing Content to make them fit for the US & UK market,
help to create an overall learning experience that teaches students the most important concepts of what they will learn in middle school (Key Stage 3)
work together with a team of illustrators, and freelancers to create the best learning content for our platform
update and maintain the company’s content standard guides and improve content continuously

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You are a good fit for this job, if you have a strong background in middle school education in the US, for example by having worked as a teacher in years 6 to 9 or by having been involved in curriculum design at a supervisory school authority. You will need to have a clear understanding of the country’s school system and will need to be able to provide cultural insights into the educational system in order to assist in the production of authentic video content. As an ideal candidate, you should meet the following requirements:

you have completed a degree in US education (preferably middle school education focus)
you gained experience as a middle school teacher (or comparable)
you earned experience in using or even creating e-learning material
offer very good organizational and planning skills
have conceptual skills and creativity to develop content in a digital format
have the motivation to drive this project forward, with a can-do attitude and an openness to others’ ideas
have a passion for helping middle school children in their educational success by using new digital means and tools

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 15 Mar 2023

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