The words ‘freelancer’ and ‘remote worker’ are thrown around quite a bit these days and for good reason. The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has led to layoffs and wage cuts and more people are feeling uncertain in an already tricky market of 9-5 jobs.

This means that more of them are turning to remote work, which actually has a ton of benefits compared to traditional jobs. You get to work from the comfort of home or any location of your choice and skip those long morning commutes, you decide how much work you want to do at any given time and be your own boss.

Anyone who’s been in freelancing for a while will tell you that it’s not the easiest industry to break into. Jobs have a lot of people vying for them and the COVID-19 situation has made the market even more saturated. The popular platforms have hundreds of freelancers and some even require a fee to view jobs. What’s a talented newbie to do?

I am Rahul Nambiampurath and I have been on this path for a number of years. As a digital marketer and content writer, I too went through the ups and downs of finding the first few clients to take a chance on me and the scarcity of job boards made it all the more difficult.

That is why I created A Tribe of Nomads, to help those who are in the same position I was years ago and make their journey much easier. The platform is completely free and offers a curated list of remote and freelance gigs across many different sectors. The website, just like my business, is a one-man mission and reflects this solo effort. Over time, however, all glitches and bugs will be addressed and corrected.

How Does it Work?

A Tribe of Nomads is not going to put you through an overly complicated signup process or a tricky user interface. Instead, it’s as easy as signing up for Facebook or Instagram. Click on the signup button and you will be prompted to complete a form.

Once you have done so, you can begin searching through our job listings. When you find one that you like, click on ‘apply now’ to be redirected to the platform with the original job listing.

Our list of jobs cuts across multiple websites you can be certain that you will have a large pool of quality jobs to choose from. Sign up for our newsletter and get these offers sent directly to your inbox to aid in your search.

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